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Jessie Arista
Jessie with his video camera.




Presumed Alive/Possessed


Hector Estrella (Friend/Deceased)

Marisol (friend/deceased)

Irma Arista (Grandmother)

Cesar Arista (father)

Maria Arista (mother/deceased)

Oscar (Friend/Deceased)

Arturo Lopez (Friend)

Jesse is a character in Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones. He stars as the main protagonist in "Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones".


In June 2012, at Oxnard, California, recent high school graduate Jesse lives with his father and grandmother; in the apartment below lives Anna, who everyone believes is a witch. One day, Anna is found murdered, and the police suspect that Oscar, a former classmate of Jesse, is the culprit because Oscar is seen fleeing from Anna's apartment before her body is discovered. Jesse and his friend, Hector, decide to find out what Anna's apartment looks like. They find black magic rituals and a picture of Jesse. They also discover several VHS tapes—including tapes from the childhood of Katie & Kristi. They also find a journal of spells, including one that discusses temporal doorways that take people in time and into evil and "unholy" locations.

The next morning, Jesse finds a mysterious bite on his arm. Later, he and his friend Hector are confronted by two thugs who attack them, but the thugs are somehow knocked out by Jesse. When they show the incident to Jesse's sister Marisol, Jesse cannot remember how it happened. After some strange activity, he comes to believe that he has superhuman abilities.

Jesse, Marisol and Hector inspect the hidden room below the trap door and find an altar draped in witch paraphernalia as well as photos of Oscar, Jesse, and his family. One photo shows Jesse's mother, pregnant with Jesse, standing between Anna and Lois, Katie and Kristi's grandmother. Over a few days of strange activity, Jesse exhibits odd behavioral changes and becomes sullen, moody, and dark.

Jesse begin to realize that he's not alone, he sees a blackened shadowy figure emerging in the basement room after the voice and the crying noise stopped then got quiet for a while. Sudden thumping footsteps approach Jesse as the malevolent shadow figure charges at Jesse, emitting a horrifyingly loud roar that cause Jesse to scream as the figure attacks him and possess him, fainted on the floor. Soon after, Hector goes to visit Jesse and finds the word Meus (Latin for "mine", seen on the basement door of the Rey house the morning after Kristi is possessed) written on Jesse's bedroom wall. Jesse enters his room and coldly tells Hector they are not best friends.

powers and abilities

superhuman strength

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