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Katie Featherston

Katie Featherston






Presumed Alive/Possessed

Last Seen

November 17, 2011


Paranormal Activity
Paranormal Activity 2
Paranormal Activity 3
Paranormal Activity 4
Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones
Paranormal Activity 5


Julie (mother) (deceased)
Kristi (sister) (deceased)
Daniel (Brother-in-law) (Deceased)
Ali (Niece-in-law) (alive)
Hunter (Nephew) (missing)
Lois (Grandmother) (deceased)


Micah Sloat (boyfriend) (deceased)

Portrayed by

Katie Featherston (Adult Katie)
Chloe Csengery (Young Katie)

Katie Featherston hort period, Katie stops rocking and after Amber sees Micah's body, she runs out of the house and Katie resumes rocking. Half an hour later, just after 9:50 p.m., police enter the home and discover Micah's body as well. As they are checking Micah for vital signs, a light turns on in the bedroom down the hallway, but before the police see it, the light turns off again. They discover Katie, still sitting beside the bed with the knife. As they call to her, she wakes from her catatonic state and seems confused. As she approaches them, knife in hand, calling Micah, they ask her to drop the weapon. Suddenly the bedroom door behind the police officers slams shut, startling them and causing them to shoot Katie, who collapses on the floor, dead. The police then call dispatch and check the bedroom at the end of the hall, but find nothing. They discover the video camera, still running. A dedication and a picture of Katie and Micah are then shown.

  • In another ending, Katie gets out of bed and stands staring at Micah, as she did in the theatrical ending, except she does not move to Micah's side of the bed. About three hours pass, then she finally goes downstairs. She lets out a blood-curdling scream, which wakes Micah up and he runs downstairs. The screaming continues, and the sounds of a struggle are heard before the noises abruptly stop. There is silence for a short while before loud footsteps are heard on the stairs. Katie then walks into the bedroom, Micah's blood covering her shirt, with a knife in her hand. She closes and locks the bedroom door, before walking up to the camera, standing idle briefly. She then lifts the knife and slits her own throat, then falls to the floor, dead.


  • Katie is the only character to appear in all the movies.
  • Katie shares the same names as the actress that plays her, Katie Featherston.
  • Katie says that throughout most of her life the demon has followed her and haunted her wherever she went. However, when Hunter/Wyatt was born, the demon went to haunt her sister, Kristi, and try to retrieve her Child. But Dan, Kristi's husband, transferred the demon back to Katie
  • Although, Katie mentions about the house fire, it never happens in the third movie. But in the trailers, it shows brief clips of the house fire. Also in the final version of the movie, it shows a frame of Katie's parents' bed ablaze at the end of the film during static

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