The Midwives


The Midwives



Portrayed by:


Year formed:



Unknown. Possibly Katie or the Demon

Known members:

Lois Katie Ana


Paranormal Activity 3 , Paranormal Activity 4 , Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones


Currently active

The Midwives is the name given to a mysterious coven of witches. Very little is known about the origins of the Midwives, its leadership, or its current diaspora. A small group of these witches are first seen in Paranormal Activity 3 when Dennis discovers a group of elderly women who appeared to be performing a ritual inside the shed at the home of Lois. They are mentioned in Paranormal Activity 4, but were only referred to by Ben as a "coven" without actually being named. At the end of Paranormal Activity 4, Alex Nelson encounters a large gathering of women in the backyard of the home of Robbie and Katie. All of these women wore necklaces with the emblem of a circle within. triangle, but it is left unclear whether these were in fact, witches, or followers of the Demon. In the Marked Ones, the coven is given the name the Midwives. A large group of witches were gathered at the farm where Lois formerly lived. They are seen attempting to attack Arturo, also killing a second gang-affiliate Santo, and forcing Hector and Marisol to run into the house. The Midwives do not appear in Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension, nor are they mentioned. They are known to have some sinister objective of creating an army of demon-possessed children for reasons that have yet to be revealed.